Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A couple of things...

Nobody trusts anybody, I believe there are more good people than bad anywhere in the world

Being cautious is one thing but to be on alert every minute is tiresome. I plan on enjoying myself!

The driving is crazy, there are very few rules and nobody follows them...I won't be driving here


The food is amazing, everything is fresh. The grocery only has a very small frozen food section and that's for ice frozen waffles no frozen pizza no frozen meats...great weight loss program!

Money...they want cash only

Shopping, fun fun they have the big malls just like home, but they also have street vendors where you can bargain for everything. Bought a hamper at the mall for 14 dollars, seen it on the street at a vendor for 8.00 live and learn.

Weather has been wonderful stays in the low 70s..

Finally found a small apartment, move in tomorrow. Completely furnished so that good! Right in the middle of the city on the 11th floor of a huge building. Excited to have our own space.

Been a very busy month for us... Will keep posting

And Happy birthday to my baby Michael Anthony, love you to pieces

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