Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting settled

We moved into our apartment a week ago...

We are in a district in Lima, called San Isidro, it's very nice, with shops and restaurants
Right out our front door!

The building is a high rise and we are on the 11th floor in a small but very comfortable
2 bedroom...

It came completely furnished, pots pans bedding towels t.v. Etc.

Anybody that knows Abel and I, knows there is already a new t.v, things have been changed
The place has been rearranged furniture and art work moved, new bedding and towels..

The really nice thing is it was built with 12" cement walls and floors, so it's like being in a house
Because you can't hear your neighbors..Abel can turn his t.v. On as loud as he wants,nice.

It has no air conditioning, but surprisingly stays very nice...

Oh and it's a secure building so in our lobby we have a watchiman, not a watchman.

We don't have a car here so we just grab a can get anywhere in the city for under 10 bucks...we walk to the grocery and get a taxi back for 2.00 why would we drive, gas is about 6.00 a gallon and traffic is nuts

Went to a salon to get the works, they have a ways to go but, they did a great job.

Enough for today...

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