Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More on shopping

Things can be found here, but you must have patience

Lots of leg work..6 blocks in any direction everything changes

The grocery stores look a lot like ours...kind of
The bread is in big baskets...all different kinds, you put what you want in little paper bags..
There's a person in the bakery that weighs it and tags's baked fresh daily

Meat department has a counter pretty similar to ours...bought hamburger for spaghetti, doesn't give the percentage of fat on the package just a picture of a cow...was made with a lot of water
When cooked it had almost no fat also no flavor

Half and half for coffee is a no go...evaporated milk has to do

Yogurt here is in plastic bottles and you pour it's delicious they drink it...we put it on fresh fruit for breakfast

Fruit is amazing here, you can buy it in the store, but it's better and cheaper off the fruit carts that are on every other corner...mangos papayas grapes pears every kind of melon...really I can't say enough good things about that...

Coffee, we are very fortunate to have family in the coffee of course ours is wonderful, weird thing is people actually prefer the crappy instant, I think because its imported yuk

Any thing that is imported is about three times more expensive than the Peruvian brands...I'm really trying to buy local...

A few blocks in the other direction, and you come to a mercado, ummm we don't have these.
The closest thing is the farmers market....but not really. Enough for now!

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