Saturday, February 9, 2013

Learning Spanish?

not so much, I have picked up some words of course..

Some sentences, kind of

I don't go anywhere yet by myself so of course I always have a translator with me...
But when they say something that I don't understand, that's really not that important..
Or it could be I wouldn't know...I don't always hear a translation.

When I get frustrated I just start talking loud in English, like at the grocery. There always seems to be someone that understands what I'm looking for...or I just keep talking...til they do or Abel realizes I'm not going to be quiet..starts asking in Spanish, it's a comedy

We are doing what we came to do, enjoying family learning all the family history..

Absolutely loving the weather

Going all over Lima...

Planning some small trips here in Peru

I tell Abel daily that I'm pretty sure people can't tell I'm not Peruvian... Funny
I stand out like a sore thumb..actually so does he

A lot of his family speaks English and If I'm alone with them, we communicate just fine...

But if Abel is in the room they only speak Spanish.. And he has to translate..
I think he makes them nervous...

Trying to stick with one subject at a time or I could go on forever...

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