Sunday, February 24, 2013


Went to my first football game here
The Peruvians love their soccer like we love the Huskers

The stadium was very large on the scale of the UNL stadium,
With little built in seats about the size of a stadium chair you might rent or purchase
If you are a larger person there are cement benches you can sit on

No assigned seats just take your pick

Because of the humidity and dust the seats are covered in dust...
So there's little kids little like 5-6 that run in front of you and clean your seats,
You pay them a few soles funny thing is they ask over and over if they are doing a good job.

The kids learn very early here how to make a buck

Selling candy shining shoes cleaning seats,whatever they can

The older ones do performances at the stoplights...tumbling juggling singing dancing we have
Even seen a juggler with flaming torches.The performances have to be timed perfectly so they can do the act, and then go up and down the aisles collecting money...all without getting run over which is not an easy thing

Back to many things I get distracted

You walk from the main road to the stadium, maybe about 1/2 a mile the fans are all singing and excited when you get to the stadium you go in get your seat and wait

When the game starts at one end of the stadium,the die hard fans run in at the same time the players come on the field,filling one whole section of the stadium...these fans chant sing and jump(think pogo stick) through the entire game seriously they never stop,I was exhausted watching them...
Very fun unfortunately our team did not win(when did I get a team?):)

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