Monday, March 18, 2013

Too soon!

Well Megan was here for 10 days, but that was not enough time

This is what we did in a nutshell

Arrives on Thursday evening...out to dinner

Friday up early, off to the beach. Weather was perfect..stayed in a beach house with a pool on top only 2 minutes to the beach itself...played for 2 days ate everything...

Home on Sunday lunch with the family...they ordered appetizer sized plates of everything on the menu and I mean everything, at the club house they are members of...also wine beer pisco sours

Monday Megan has a dragon in the stomach...but we still managed to shop at the Inka markets, just a couple of miles from home.

Tuesday up early for our flight to Cusco...supposed to rest for a day before going to Machu Picchu ,but our flight was delayed and we didn't get there til about 10:30 and our first tour was at 1:30...

The trip was amazing...we climbed and climbed with the air so thin it was hard to breathe..we drank coca tea and rubbed our hands with a mint leaf that helps expand the lungs so you can breathe as you climb.

We had a private guide that showed us everything.. We stayed in hostels...that was a first probably the last for me. Kind of like camping, I don't camp! The 1st hostel was Ok the second not so much...then back to the 1st one for the third night.

We seen things you can't imagine mostly good things! They love dogs but they are everywhere and the whole city takes care of them..we loved that

Tried to be careful of what we ate to keep the dragons at bay.

Will be writing more about what we saw soon! Megan thanks for going on this journey with us!

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