Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Part 2

Spent time in Cuzco a really beautiful city, and from there started our beautiful trip to Machu Picchu , our first day we went to our hostel when we arrived, just had enough time to take a few pictures..then our guide picked us up for a tour of the Sacred Valley,Pisac ,Ollantaytambo..Sacsayhuaman...not to be missed. The first tour was by bus with other people, and a guide from the tour company..they said it was a 4 hour tour but of course that was Peruvian time so it was more like 6...

Back to our hostel for no sleep at all because of the noise...we really didn't care that much.

Got up early to catch a bus to ollantaytambo, which was another beautiful place..the bus rides were very scary as its rainy and slippery and your view is straight down the mountain, into a raging river..we held our breath more than once

More site seeing

Spent the night in a hostel that we all want to forget

Then up early for a train ride to Machu Picchu, the ride was beautiful,
This is not a place you see or visit its a place you feel, awesome is the correct word

It's best you are in decent shape for the climbing it's very physical
Not much you can do about the altitude sickness..you will get some form of it no matter what you do, I got the pounding headache, Abel dizziness, Megan breathlessness

Climbed and climbed and climbed..listened to our guide, he was from the area and knew all the amazing history..very spiritual. He blessed everything we did and we were greatful. We had sun because of him;)
Home the next day, a little get together at the house

Saturday a birthday party for a family member, we danced all day to Peruvian music and seen plates of food you can't even imagine
Spending time with Megan was the most important part...

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