Monday, April 1, 2013

Another beautiful trip

Just home from another trip,this time to the Jungle!

The views were incredible, it was so beautiful it brought tears to your kidding
It's one thing to look at pictures another to be standing in the middle of it! Of course that's the scenery the rest was one big history lesson.

We went with family that was brave enough to drive the treacherous roads one small mistake and you are in the Rimac river, scary. While we were visiting there was a bus with 45 people that went over the side of the mountain,the locals say it happens all the time. The tour buses drive like they are on an interstate somewhere civilized, when in a lot of places the roads are only big enough for one car!

We went so far up your ears popped, we were at the highest railroad crossing in the world, again the views.

We went to a city called San Ramon in the state of Junin,to see Abel's families plantations all of the places he visited before he came to the U.S. it was really fun to be with someone that remembered it, but he couldn't believe how much it had changed. We stayed in a really nice hotel there for about 25 dollars a night:)

We went to the city he was born in called Palca and took pictures of the house he was actually born in..his grandparents property.. Again the family history here is something that someone should write a book about.

Then off to Tarma for Holy Week , wow they make designs in the streets and then color them in with flower petals so the entire main plaza is paved in flowers, hard to describe..they have these huge processions where they carry these humongous floats through the flowers...then up the next day to start the process all over. Three days of paving the streets in beautiful designs! And then you walk through them? Glad to be back in my little apartment in Lima..I will add more pictures soon!

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