Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Everyday life

Just like home, we have settled into somewhat of a routine..

Everyday we decide what it is we would like to do, not have to do so that's a change

Not missing those 3:45 mornings, but I do miss the people that I got to see on those days!

We get out of the house everyday with a plan, sometimes we follow the plan most days once we are out of the house, things tend to change...

We don't drive like I've said before so we walk, for miles..once a week we take our laundry to have it done..we have a lovely cart that you see the little old ladies pulling behind them? Yup we call it the Cadillac. We load it up walk about a mile drop off the laundry, then venture on to the grocery where we again load up the cart and drag it home...yes we could taxi but what kind of adventure would that be?

We spend a lot of time at the Olive park which is beautiful, we do a lot of walking there and we feed the birds:) please don't wait to do this thinking there will be time when you are old and's relaxing and great for just taking time for yourself..and the birds will love you...

Today the plan is to walk in the opposite direction to the market, we need cleaning supplies and a new shower curtain..but of course we haven't left the house yet so who knows...

Just trying to stay busy..missing my family and friends

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  1. Love the plan of no plan. Just the living of live Pam, you are definitely out of the trees in the back yard. Love ya, Karen