Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our time

Well our time here in Peru is coming to an end,
The plan was for 1 year but for many different reasons, 7 months will have to do

We are so thankful for the time spent here
For all the people we have met
For the family for showing us an amazing time

For me I've learned some really big lessons
I'm hoping to use those lessons in my everyday life back home...
Coming back looking at the world a little differently, that's a good thing
We really are blessed...

Can't wait to meet our new Granddaughter Isabella,see the rest of our family...
Can't wait for the quiet
The really fresh air
The food that I miss so much,and have no fear of eating:)
My friends and the amazing company they provide...

I will keep posting on our wonderful adventure...

Be kind you never know who's day you might be making better
Smile it will make you feel better and look beautiful 

Home in 1 week, yay

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