Saturday, November 23, 2013


We've been home for about 6 months, enough time to see friends and family! Also enough time to meet our new granddaughter, wonderful of course! As wonderful as it is to be back, we miss Peru and everything that it had to offer, we miss being in a space for us only:) Coming back means a return to full time employment and busy beyond belief, trying to figure out what's important... Not a fan of the Nebraska weather...not fun! Neither of us is a fan...I do love being able to communicate with everyone no language barrier... That's a plus, We love the kids closer so we can see them but we are trying to figure out if we should be somewhere warm...pretty sure we should be! We feel blessed to have the jobs we have, really blessed that I was welcomed back to my former job, and all the benefits it offers! Missing our Peruvian family, love and kisses

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